Election Promises – Can we trust them?
April 26, 2010

Election Promises – Can we trust them?


It won’t be long now until you and I  vote for who we want to be our political representatives at Westminster. In the run up to the election candidates have been distributing literature, making television appearances and walking about town centres meeting and greeting the people in whose hands their political destiny lies. In their manifestos each of the parties have set out their plans and given numerous promises to the electorate of what they will do if they are elected. Some are promising to reduce income tax. Others are promising to create new jobs. Others are promising to take further steps to protect the planet and reduce carbon emissions. All of them are promising that things will be better for the people of Northern Ireland if their candidates are elected and their party returned with a strong majority. The question on many people’s minds is ‘will they, or can they deliver?’  If the track record of politicians and political parties is anything to go by, then the prospect of manifesto promises actually being fulfilled are somewhat slim. Various factors – opposition from other parties, economic turnarounds, a change of political mood in the country, overly optimistic goals etc – all contribute to many promises being unfulfilled.  The recent scandals in the realm of politics, both national and local, have resulted in many people becoming increasingly sceptical of what politicians say and what they promise. 


Of course politicians are not the only people who break promises. If the truth be told we have all been guilty of breaking promises we have made. Sometimes we have deliberately broken those promises but at other times unforeseen circumstances have rendered us incapable of keeping certain promises we had made. Is there anyone we can trust? Is there anyone who always keeps the promises they make?  Thankfully there is.  In the Bible the Apostle Peter tells us that God has given us “great and precious promises.” Among those promises are the following - He has promised eternal life to all who believe in and trust his Son Jesus as their saviour  (John 3v16)  He has promised that he will never leave his people nor forsake them (Hebrews 13v5)  He has promised to meet all his people’s needs (Philippians 4v19). He has promised to take his followers to heaven to be with him (John 14v1-3). He has promised that one day Jesus will return to this earth to be the judge of all mankind (2 Peter 3 v 8-11).  The wonderful thing about God is that He always keeps his promises. There is not a single promise that God has made that he has not fulfilled. Any promises that He has made which have not been fulfilled are simply not fulfilled YET.


In a day when promises are often broken it is good to know that the promises of God are promises that we can really believe and trust.

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