The Sexualisation of Our Children
January 20, 2011

Too Much Too Young ?


This week I watched the programmeme Panorama  on BBC in which Sophie Raworth investigated the subject of the sexualisation of  our children by the fashion, music, advertising and media industries. As a mother of three children Mrs Raworth recently became concerned as she watched a music DVD that was bought for her six year old daughter. The DVD featured a popular girl band dressed in very skimpy and sexually suggestive clothes and dancing in a way that came across as being and was probably intended to be erotic and sexually stimulating.  The question Mrs Raworth was asking was, ‘is this the sort of thing that children should be watching?’   She was deeply concerned that such images combined with modern day fashion trends even for pre-teens are sexualising children from a very early age.  Part of the programme also investigated the influence of the internet and online chat-rooms in the lives of children, many of whom have computers in their bedrooms. In one clip, a group of lads who were part of a local football team were asked if they had ever visited pornography sites on the internet.  Almost all of them admitted to visiting such sites regularly. 


Towards the end of the programme the question was asked “Should parents be worried about these things?  Are our children being pressurised into growing up too soon?”  Sadly the programme didn’t come to any definite conclusions about these matters.


As a father and as a Christian minister I certainly believe that the music, fashion, advertising and media industries have played a significant role in sexualising society in general and that this has had and is undoubtedly still having an effect upon our children – a dreadful and detrimental effect in my opinion, and no doubt in the opinion of many other concerned parents. Could it be that the over-sexualisation of our society in general and our young people in particular are major factors in the rise of the terrible sex crime and sex abuse cases that are regularly reported on our televisions and in our newspapers?


The world in which Jesus lived and into which the New Testament Church was born was, like our own society today, a sinful, sex mad society. As Christians we are called to take a stand against the sexualisation of our children and of our society.  At times we may feel like King Canute trying to hold back the tide but if we do not let our voice be heard and if we do not take a stand, who will ?

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