Homosexuality and the Law
March 07, 2011

Homosexuality and the Law


As I write this article a debate is taking place on the radio about a married couple from Derby who, having lovingly fostered children for many years, have now been refused permission to do so in the future. Why? Because Mr and Mrs Johns,  said that, as Christians,  they would not tell any children they were fostering that a “homosexual lifestyle” was acceptable.


The debate on the radio this morning followed the same pattern that all these debates follow.  Those who support Homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle and do not regard it as being immoral, use various arguments to justify their position, with some going so far as to actively promote the widespread acceptance of homosexual relationships and practices in society. Some are actively lobbying for laws to be passed which would make it increasingly difficult for opposition to homosexuality to be expressed publicly.


Most of those who oppose the practice of homosexuality do so believing that such practices are wrong and immoral, and detrimental to both the individuals who practice  it and also to society as whole. Such views are usually based upon religious beliefs and, in the case of Christians, the teaching of the Bible. There are other, physiological and social arguments that are sometimes used for opposing homosexuality but the main arguments are based on the teaching of the Bible.


As a minister of the Gospel, fully committed to the teaching and authority of the Bible, I have no hesitation in expressing my opposition to the practice of homosexuality. I know, that like many other Christians who take a similar stand, voicing such a view will undoubtedly result in criticism and ridicule from others, and, if that is a consequence of being faithful to the teaching of the Bible, then so be it.  However I do want to make a few comments by way of making my views clear.


First of all there is no doubt whatsoever that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong and as such is a sin. Whether or not one accepts the Bible’s teaching is a different question, but its teaching on this subject is clear.


Secondly, you will notice that I stated that I am opposed to homosexual practice.  I am not opposed to nor am I in any way antagonistic towards homosexuals.  I am opposed to adultery, fornication, drunkenness, drug abuse, pride, gambling, blasphemy and every other form of sin but I am not opposed to nor antagonistic towards those who commit such sins; after all I too am a sinner.


Thirdly, as a follower of Jesus and a minister of the gospel, I have a responsibility to accept people as they are and to seek, in love, and out of a genuine concern for their spiritual well-being, to show them not only what sin is and what its consequences are. but also to show them how their sin can be forgiven and how they can deal with sin in their life (whatever the nature of the sins with which they struggle).


Homosexuality may be legal in the eyes of the law and acceptable in the eyes of society but it is not acceptable in the eyes of God. Just as God in His Law identifies adultery, sex outside of marriage, theft, drunkenness, pride, stealing, deceit and murder, as well as many other things, as being sinful, and condemns those who commit such sins, so too He condemns those who commit the sin of homosexuality. This however is not the whole story, because the God who condemns us on account of our sin is also the God who is willing to forgive us of our sins. This is the message of the gospel. This is why God sent his Son Jesus to be the saviour. By repenting of our sins and trusting Jesus as saviour we can know forgiveness of all our sins.  “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8v1). Not only that, we can also experience God’s help in overcoming sin in our life, no matter what those sins might be.

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