Out in the Cold
December 14, 2011

Last week saw David Cameron take what could be one of the most significant decisions of his term of office a British Prime Minister. Whilst all of the other twenty-six countries of the European Union eventually agreed to a deal which was aimed at securing the Euro from collapse David Cameron refused to sign the agreement and go with the crowd.  Rightly or wrongly (and time alone will tell which is the case) he believed that what the others were proposing was not in the best interests of Britain and that being the case he chose to be left out in the political cold rather than identifying with and going down the political road which the other EU heads of state were taking.


Cameron’s supporters described it as a heroic and brave move which was taken on political principle.  His opponents accused him of folly, and spoke of Britain now being isolated from its European partners and unable to influence major political decisions.


Christians who are truly committed to living by the teaching of the Bible are increasingly finding themselves ‘out in the cold’ when it comes to many moral, social, ethical and even religious issues. The majority view on issues such as abortion, divorce, sexual orientation and behaviour, marriage, euthanasia, religious pluralism and other such issues leaves Bible believing Christians no option but to object to and stand apart from that which society is happy to agree and endorse.


Young Christians who are not prepared to sleep around or indulge in binge drinking or do drugs are frowned upon and ridiculed and find themselves increasingly isolated from their peers. 


Religious leaders who are unwilling to sign up to and give their approval of same sex relationships, who are unwilling to accept a divorce which they believe to be unbiblical or who do not give their support to campaigns for the right for the terminally ill to choose when and how to end their own life are increasingly criticised and castigated and are increasingly finding themselves out in the cold when it comes to the majority of public opinion.


Sadly many religious leaders and many who profess to be Christians are more than happy to go along with the majority view in such areas even if that view is clearly inconsistent with and in some cases diametrically opposed to the teaching of the Bible. It is argued that it is far better to be in with and have an opportunity of influencing society than to be left on the outside where one cannot have any influence.  Such pragmatism however should never be the basis upon which the Christian’s beliefs and behaviour should be governed. Instead Christians should be prepared to base their beliefs, their standards and values and their behaviour on what the Bible teaches, even if in doing so they are left out in the cold by a society that is heading in a completely different, and sadly self-destructing direction.  Paul says in Romans 12v1 “do not be conformed to this world”  or as JB Philips paraphrases it – ‘do not allow the world to squeeze you into its mould.’

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