Rosetta Mission
December 12, 2014

In The Beginning


Last week hours of television news coverage and thousands of column inches were given over to the amazing achievement of the Rosetta mission team in landing a probe called ‘Philae’ on a comet.  Over ten years in planning and carrying out this mission the climax came on 12th November at 16.03 GMT when confirmation was received that the probe had successfully touched down safely.

There is no doubt that this achievement demonstrates the amazing progress that has been made in recent years in scientific and technological progress. Since man first stepped onto the moons surface almost 50 years ago the development of pace exploration has been revolutionary.

One of the primary goals of scientists in pursuing a program of space exploration is to try to discover as much as they can about the origin of our planet earth. They are seeking confirmatory proof of their belief that our planet came into being as a result of natural forces and laws acting over billions of years on pre-existing (indeed eternally existing) matter. They believe that just as life evolved on earth so the various factors that made life possible on earth evolved over an immeasurably long period of time.

One of the scientists involved in the Rosetta mission commented “With Rosetta we are opening a door to the origin of planet Earth and fostering a better understanding of our future.”

Another stated  “Rosetta is trying to answer the very big questions about the history of our Solar System.

Over the past few weeks I have been reading a book written by a former atheist who is academically well-qualified in various fields of study. Having for years been convinced that the theory of evolution was no longer a theory but a fact which science had proven beyond all doubt his belief was challenged and as a result he began a thorough investigation into the subject. He travelled the world interviewing men who were top academics in the fields of Cosmology, Physics, Astronomy, Bio-chemistry, Biology, Evolutionary theory and even Philosophy.  Space does not permit me to go into the detailed interviews he conducted but his conclusion, based on the actual evidence available, and with no ulterior motive other then seeking to discover the most reasonable, logical and evidence based answer to the question of earths origins, was simply this – this world shows all the evidence of having been meticulously designed by an intelligent being of some sort and could not have come into existence as a result of random chance.

“the fine tuning of the physical laws and constants of the universe and the precise configuration of its initial conditions…suggest the need for a cause that is intelligent.”  (Stephen C Meyer Phd)

“when scientists talk about the fine tuning of the universe they’re generally referring to the extraordinary balancing of the fundamental laws and parameters of physics…our minds cannot comprehend the precision of them. The result is a universe that is just right to sustain life. The coincidences are just too amazing to have been the result of happenstance.” (Robin Collins Phd)

The chances of the life sustaining conditions on earth (which by the way are affected by our moon and the other planets in our solar system) happening as a result of chance / non-intelligent design are to high to even to be considered believable.  It has been likened to being way out in space and throwing a dart at random towards the earth and successfully hitting a bulls-eye that is one trillionth or a trillionth of an inch in diameter.

Yes the Rosetta mission, like all successful space exploration missions is an amazing achievement which shows us man’s ingenuity, his intelligence, his creativity and his capability, but it also shows us man’s sin as man continues to deny the existence of God and rule out the need for God. 

Thankfully more and more scientists in all the various fields of academic study associated with space exploration and the study of earth’s  origins are coming to believe what Christians have believed and affirmed for centuries “In the beginning God Created the heavens and the earth…”  (Genesis 1v1) and “The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”  (Psalm 19v1)

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