Bridges of Enniskillen Calendar Verses: Sunday 4th December 2022 @ 6pm
Acts 4:10-12 Jesus Christ… crucified… raised… rejected… There is salvation in no one else.

During December 2021 and January 2022 we have been giving out calendars in the local community on the theme “Bridges of Enniskillen”. Enniskillen or Inis Ceithleann, is an island town and has many bridges of various kinds to help two places that are separated by an obstacle, such as water, so that people can cross over. The Bible verse that accompanies each photo reminds us that we need a bridge to reach the holy God. This is due to the obstacle of sin which resides in each of us. God has provided a bridge in his eternal Son. Each page has a Sunday highlighted in blue. On that date at 7pm Rev Harry Coulter will explain the verse printed and how Jesus Christ has provided a way to be reconciled to God and enter into newness of live . We would like to invite you to come along, come as you are, you will be made most welcome.

Bridges of Enniskillen

The 153 Having hope, sharing hope in Christ Bus

Saturday 17th December 2022 – ASDA/Erneside Shopping Centre

Look out for the 153 Hope Bus – call over for a for a cup of tea/ coffee and a chat! You will be warmly welcomed.

Having hope, sharing hope in Christ.


Town Centre Outreach

Watch out of the 153 Having hope, Sharing hope in Christ bus in the Diamond, Enniskillen for a time of outreach. We met up on the 1st Saturday of each month from 12pm to 1pm We also have free Bibles, daily reading notes and hand out tracts. 


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